About Us

The inspiration for GreenerWise came about after reading up about just how many different harmful ingredients are added to cosmetics that most of us use every single day.

We were also shocked after coming across some information on the amount of plastic in our oceans. Did you know that plastics consistently make up 80% of all marine debris studied? There are also several 'Plastic Islands', the largest being the one in the North Pacific Ocean, which is three times the size of France!

Currently only around 1/3 of all plastic packaging is recycled. Here at GreenerWise, our plastic packaging is fully recyclable and our bottles and jars are made from 100% recycled sea plastic!*

All of this got us thinking about ways we could do our bit to firstly try and reduce our use of products with harmful ingredients, and secondly, ensure we were not going to be adding to those ever growing plastic islands! Thus, an online store with greener, better cosmetics was born.




*Currently our cherry hand lotion does not come in a recycled bottle, however we are working hard to try and change this, and please note, this is 100% recyclable!